What are the top issues?

Tell our votes what you think are the main issues currently facing Orcas Islanders and what you can offer as mayor to address these issues and impact positive change?

The Honorable Mayor Fargo

About 2014 Honorary Mayor of Eastsound Campaign Moderator

A Boston Terrier, Fargo was elected in 2013 by receiving 30 percent of the votes and by beating out a full slate of canines. He has opted not to seek re-election and has agreed to moderate discussions in this forum. Fargo is loyal supporter of Children's House. The Honorary Mayor of Eastsound race is an annual fundraising event sponsored by and benefiting Orcas Island Children's House, a nonprofit childhood early learning center serving families for more than 40 years. Your voting dollars direction benefit the Toddlers and Preschoolers of OICH.
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5 Responses to What are the top issues?

  1. Phoebe4Mayor says:

    Orcas Island is so beautiful! It is a great place for families and pets to live and play. I like the way people on Orcas take care of children and pets but there is still a need for more help. That is why I am running for Honorary Mayor- so we are able to help, in a bigger way, the families who bring their children to Children’s House every day.
    — Phoebe4Mayor

  2. Jack, The Blind Visionary says:

    It is important to understand the diversity of the population in Eastsound, be they canine, feline or human, and provide for the needs of all. For example, those of us who choose to walk around town always appreciate complementary water bowls. Offering cookies is another sure way to win us over. In the summer there are a lot of humans who ride bikes all over our island, and I think sometimes we should offer them a drink of water too.
    Growth in residential and commercial spaces should be welcomed and encouraged, however, an attention to maintaining green spaces is also critical. Let’s face it-everyone prefers to sniff grassy areas rather than concrete.
    The importance of education cannot be overemphasized. Children should learn be a bit cautious when meeting an unfamiliar dog. I happen to be a very friendly, approachable and kid-loving guy who can never get too much attention or belly rubs. However, some of my peers may sometimes be in a sour mood so a good general rule is to calmly introduce yourself to ensure that your good intentions are well received.
    It would be nice to have Pedestrian Crossing signs on Main St. at the Prune Alley intersection. I cross there often and can never quite be sure that traffic will yield to me.
    — Jack

  3. Morgan says:

    I think there are 3 big issues that need to be talked about on Orcas.
    First and most importantly, the children. I think our kids need to be well taken care of – not just at home, but in school and on the playground. They need safe activities for outside of school, too. I believe early childhood education is vital. They need to be able to explore their world – just as I do in the woods! They need to play with dirt and poop outside – oh, whoops that’s puppies, not children. But you get the gist! Children need room to grow and teachers, supporters, volunteers and parents who not only make it happen, but do so happily! They also need access to healthy snacks that are made in a natural way with wholesome ingredients – which leads me to my next point…
    I bark against GMOs! For children, dogs, cats, cows and adults! No GMOs! I believe that a key to a long and happy life is healthy eating – and I think you’d agree. How can we do that? We can eat locally and sustainably. We can make our own food and use only whole foods in doing that. We can support the Co-Op, the farms, and the restaurants on our island. We can go down the street instead of across the Puget Sound. I love when my humans make me yummy, organic treats – I eat them more than any other treat! I know Janine would LOVE to share the recipe with you if you ask! What’s better is that you could eat them if you want!
    Lastly, the key to keeping this island green is our parks. We need to support them in any way we can – by buying the Parks Pass, donating, volunteering and/or cleaning up the park! We, humans and dogs alike, can keep our parks green with doggy poop bags (which should be more prevalent!) and garbage/recycle bins (which should be also!). I don’t know where I would be in life if I didn’t have the woods to explore, the lake to jump in and the beach to run around on! I know that I am a very lucky puppy to live in such a great place – and it’s only with your help that we can keep it so great!  Thank you for helping thus far and thank you for your help in the future! Together we can keep Orcas beautiful and green!
    — Morgan

  4. Missy says:

    Several nights ago in my neighborhood a house two houses away from my house caught on fire and burned down. A tragedy that I wish had not happened but I feel this issue should be the top priority to teach the children of our Islands top safety tips. They need to know the “STOP DROP & ROLL” rule and I plan to encourage every household to have an escape plan set and practiced often. I will help the Orcas island Fire & Rescue team as they teach and train children and adults these important safety rules and CPR. I also plan to help our community realize the valuable asset that we have in our OIFR volunteers (I watched them in action last Saturday night from my seat by then window). With proper training from our Fire Department our children at our Orcas daycares will have a Bright Future just like I have had since I arrived on Orcas.

    One other Issue is to encourage the Orcas community to reach out and help everyone that is in need like fire victims. I will also encourage donations for our local Food Bank to help others in need.

    I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I didn’t receive the loving care that I received from the Orcas Animal Protection Society. So I plan to encourage and thank the volunteers that work there and I plan to advocate Pet adoption awareness and support. –Missy

  5. Luna4Mayor says:

    Quality time and extended lap and nap times are key issues. We all need to take the time to skip through grass chasing butterflies, jump into our owner’s laps and, in general, nap more in the sun. These are times of deep thought and meditation — which are important to solving real community issues.
    — Luna

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