How do you solicit your campaign dollars?

Are you soliciting support for your candidacy from large corporations? Do you think these unlimited campaign funds are changing the fairness and outcome of our elections?

The Honorable Mayor Fargo

About 2014 Honorary Mayor of Eastsound Campaign Moderator

A Boston Terrier, Fargo was elected in 2013 by receiving 30 percent of the votes and by beating out a full slate of canines. He has opted not to seek re-election and has agreed to moderate discussions in this forum. Fargo is loyal supporter of Children's House. The Honorary Mayor of Eastsound race is an annual fundraising event sponsored by and benefiting Orcas Island Children's House, a nonprofit childhood early learning center serving families for more than 40 years. Your voting dollars direction benefit the Toddlers and Preschoolers of OICH.
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5 Responses to How do you solicit your campaign dollars?

  1. Phoebe4Mayor says:

    I will be very visible in the community, especially at all the dog friendly places we have! The Farmers’ Market on June 7th was so much fun, and I appreciate all of your votes, especially the nice person who put $20 dollars in an envelope for me! Being so furry and friendly helps me win votes once people meet me!
    — Phoebe4Mayor

  2. Jack, The Blind Visionary says:

    Rolling on my back for belly rubs has proven to be an excellent icebreaker, demonstrating my openness and trust in the populace which is amply rewarded, and puts me in touch with the voters.
    Knowing what you want and need and not being afraid to ask for it is the key to successful solicitation. However, there is a fine line between requesting and begging…it is a matter of dignity. One must always be polite…..being a pest or drooling is out of the question.
    My people are having some nice, colorful bracelets made to pass out to Eastsounders and tourists alike. I think they have my name on them, (I admit, even before I lost my eyesight I couldn’t read those letters that humans make…..although I’m very good at reading people!) Anyone who votes for me is getting one. (Probably anyone who votes for anyone is getting one…because they ordered a whole bunch of them!)
    The important thing is that lots of people vote lots of times, so that Children’s House makes a big pile of money to help them do all the good things that they do for the children who live on Orcas Island. Although I do hope that I win, I am happy just to be a part of this fundraiser, knowing that I am giving back to this community. All the people who live here and come to visit have always been very nice to me!
    — Jack

  3. Morgan says:

    This is a TRICK-y one, friends (ha-ha). I, Morgan, do tricks for votes. I try my hardest to keep this race on ethics and issues, but I do admit to shaking a few hands for some votes. I also give hi-5s, pretend to be Godzilla and can walk on my back legs (sometimes). I would be ashamed if the money didn’t go to such a great cause – Children’s House. I can promise you this, Orcas, your money is not going to me or my campaign supplies – it goes just to the kids and the facilities at Children’s House!
    As far as the supplies, favors and signs that are out with me on them – my owners are very dedicated to this race! They know that the more my face is out there, the more opportunity there is for Children’s house to raise more money – and that’s worth it! Not only are they helping me make more appearances, they are helping me meet and greet the people and the voters! They are teaching me new tricks and giving me new treats and it’s all for the kids!
    Lastly, Bill Patterson is a huge supporter! He is sponsoring me in this race and I cannot thank him enough. If you haven’t been to Chimayo and/or Sazio, you are missing out! The chicken he gives me each day I see him is the best! My humans sometimes give me leftovers and boy do I go straight to heaven! Enough about food (betcha never thought a dog would say that!), Bill has helped so much! He has allowed my face to be on posters in his establishment and for me to hang out with him at the restaurant sometimes (not when they are open, of course!). He’s one of my best friends and I know I couldn’t be in this race without him!
    — Morgan

  4. Missy says:

    I plan to campaign at the Saturday Market with my owners to introduce myself and solicit votes. I plan to visit local businesses in town to introduce myself because I feel i haven’t had as visible a life as other candidates on the campaign trail. I will also have my owner e-mail all of their friends and family to solicit their votes. Key Bank is my sponsor and my owner, Debbie, works there so I plan to campaign there to let the voters meet with me to ask platform questions. I plan to campaign there to let voters know that I’m the Candidate that you can BANK ON!


  5. Luna4Mayor says:

    I don’t need to align myself with anyone or anything. I’m a cat. The contributions just find their way into my litter box.

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