Describe your unique qualities

What qualities make you stand out against this pack of highly qualified canine and feline candidates?

The Honorable Mayor Fargo

About 2014 Honorary Mayor of Eastsound Campaign Moderator

A Boston Terrier, Fargo was elected in 2013 by receiving 30 percent of the votes and by beating out a full slate of canines. He has opted not to seek re-election and has agreed to moderate discussions in this forum. Fargo is loyal supporter of Children's House. The Honorary Mayor of Eastsound race is an annual fundraising event sponsored by and benefiting Orcas Island Children's House, a nonprofit childhood early learning center serving families for more than 40 years. Your voting dollars direction benefit the Toddlers and Preschoolers of OICH.
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5 Responses to Describe your unique qualities

  1. Phoebe4Mayor says:

    I love being with people. Since becoming an Orcan I have become so mellow. I used to be a car chaser and now I can just let them pass by. I am much more interested in the people and pets that surround me! I have a great temperament; I think this is because I spend a lot of time with little kids! They pretty much smother me with love whenever I’m around!
    — Phoebe4Mayor

  2. Jack, The Blind Visionary says:

    A blind visionary, I have overcome many personal difficulties but rather than have them define me, I have sought to work around them to achieve my goals.
    I have a special relationship with children, and knowing their intentions are good, I grant them latitude in their exuberance when they approach me. Very tiny children will sometimes get overly excited and will whack me instead of petting me gently. I’ve even had them pull on my fur! But they remind me of my little kitty sisters….they are just trying to love me, so I am very patient and appreciate their attention. Patience is a virtue. Everyone should have some.

    A lot of people have tripped over me because I always lie in the middle of the floor at our shop….or right in front of the door, or in some other obvious place where I would think no one could possibly miss me. Yet, people still manage to think I blend in with the carpet. Many times I have been kicked or stumbled over, but never once have I gotten angry. I forgive them immediately because I receive a lot of gentle words, hugs and apologies afterward. You see, I have learned that humans make lots of mistakes, but they are generally good and loving.

  3. Morgan says:

    I might be young, I might be small, but hear this Orcas – I am a leader by nature! See me on the field at the dog park, or just walking in town, I lead. Not with violence or bark-pression, but with love, loyalty and courage. If you have met me, you for sure have gotten a shake, hi-5 or even a kiss from me. You know that I love and care about everyone. I worry if someone cries, and get so happy when people laugh around me (even at my own expense!). I’m loyal – I never leave! Ask my owners – I sometimes try to follow them into the shower just to make sure they’re okay! By golly, if I hear a strange noise I get worried and try to hunt it out! I’m courageous, too, friends! Not just physically (even though I do jump from high spots frequently with ease), but really – I’m a brave one. I enjoy wandering around the woods, just checking things out – especially if my ball is lost!
    Another great quality that you should take note of is my nose. It’s nice and big and can smell trouble, fear or peanut butter from miles away. Okay, maybe the trouble and the fear are harder to smell, but still – its a great nose!
    Lastly, I listen. As your mayor, Orcas Island, I will listen to you and your ideas, thoughts, problems, issues, concerns, and stories! I love to listen.
    — Morgan

  4. Missy says:

    My adopted family and friends have taught me by their faithful, loving care to over-come the fears and timid ways that I arrived on Orcas Island with. I will bring these same faithful traits to help the children of Orcas Island learn the Life Lessons of Safety that they need to learn. I’m quiet, a trait that makes me a good listener to people on the campaign trail. I’m also rambunctious enough to make a difference.
    I’m a Steady friendly pup who likes routines but I also like exploring my world always looking forward to new adventures!
    Most of all I’m LOVING to everyone that I encounter whether animal or human. Children that I have encountered love holding me and I have a big kiss (lick) for any one who gives me a tummy rub or a scratch on my head. — Missy

  5. Luna4Mayor says:

    Unique qualities? I am the only one with nine lives and I’m a cat (in a field of dogs) — what else needs to be said?
    And while you didn’t ask, I’ll share one of my favorite quotes:
    “Of all God’s creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat.”
    – Mark Twain Notebook, 1894

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